FraudFix is an online and card not present fraud prevention service that is (<1 second) fast with (AI-powered) accuracy. We create and manage your customized algorithm at no extra cost. Lower staff costs + higher approval rates = more revenue. How’s that for a win-win?

Location:Brick, NJ, United States
Founded: 2008

Fraud Solution Profile

Is a CardCash company, is an online fraud prevention tool with decades of industry experience. We provide a fully-automated verification platform and service with costs roughly 30-40% lower than any in-house solution.

FraudFix is a no-brainer – no setup fees, no monthly fees and no long-term contracts. We specialize in high volume B2B and B2C eCommerce merchants, brick and mortar retailers with a CNP or MOTO (mail order/ telephone order) channel, amongst a wide array of other industries. We service Credit Card Processors & IT Resellers.

What makes FraudFix unique? To quote one of our customers,

“We looked into other companies who offer online and cnp chargeback and fraud solutions, but they don’t have a high approval rate. We wanted 99.9% of our orders to be approved. We used to do it manually, and it wasn’t easy. We’d get an order at 3 or 4pm and have to do a lot of research to dig into the customer. And even then we were only 90% sure it was a legitimate order – but it was either that or risk losing the sale.

With FraudFix they create and manage your customized algorithm at no extra cost, yet cost significantly less than the “white glove service providers” who manually look into every order. Lower staffing costs + higher approval rates that’s a win win for us.

We recommend them all the time! They’re so fast, and we can make more sales instead of researching if it’s fraud. There’s very low risk. It saves a lot of time for everyone in the company. I’ve tried others here and there and it takes forever until they approve it. FraudFix gives us a much higher approval rate – we’ve never had a good order marked as fraud.”

FraudFix also specilaizes is preventing digital gift card fraud. Our AI models see millions of gift card sales a year, no other fraud prevention tool has the gift card data we have, it’s a bold claim but one that we make with 100% confidence.

In fraud prevention, the data makes all the difference. Soon after CardCash was founded in 2009 they ran into major fraud issues. As a secondary market in the high fraud-risk gift card industry, this was a challenge they knew they had to meet. And meet it they did. After partnering with eFraud Security, one of the most experienced fraud prevention tools on the market, FraudFix was born. Our 30 years of combined experience allows us to make the claim that no one knows gift card prevention like we do!


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 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine