Featurespace provides real-time machine learning software for risk and fraud management. Featurespace’s real-time self-learning ARIC™ platform uses Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to analyse complex customer behavioural data across all channels. ARIC™ builds individual customer behavior profiles and spots anomalies as they occur to identify real-time new fraud attacks and reduce costs of managing fraud.

Location:Cambridge, United Kingdom
Founded: 2008

Fraud Solution Profile

Is the world-leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics for risk and fraud management, delivered via the machine learning ARIC™ platform, originally developed at Cambridge University.

The ARIC™ platform – a real-time, machine learning software system monitors individual behaviours to catch new fraud attacks as they happen and outsmart risk. The increased accuracy of understanding customer behaviour simultaneously reduces the number of genuine customers whose purchases and transactions are incorrectly declined – typically by up to 70%. This improves revenue acceptance from genuine customers and increases operational efficiency.

Featurespace’s breakthrough is learning real-time, individual behaviour for every customer at every interaction with a business – accurately spotting anomalies and predicting the next action.

Blocking customers no longer needs to be the price of stopping fraud

The ARIC platform understands both individual behavior and wider contextual information to build and continually update individual profiles in real-time. It is a self-learning system, which automatically updates as it receives new behavioural data, so that the models do not degrade over time. It can be deployed on premise or via cloud.

The ARIC platform is proving ROI for clients in banking, payments, insurance and gaming by:

– Spotting and blocking new fraud attacks as they occur

– 70% reduction in genuine transactions declined (“false positives”), increasing revenue

– 50% reduction in fraud management costs, improving operational efficiencies

The head quartered in Cambridge, UK, – and with offices in London, UK and Charlotte, NC and New York in the United States, Featurespace has deployed ARIC™ to organisations that have services or products deployed in over 180 countries. Customers include Betfair, Vocalink Zapp, Playtech, William Hill, and TSYS – the largest third-party processor of Visa® and MasterCard® credit cards in the U.S.

ARIC features include

– Real-time, individual risk scores and alerts, with understandable reason codes
– End-to-end case management and reporting dashboards
– Easy to install on-premise or in the cloud
– Ability to keep customer data is secure in our PCI-DSS certified environment
– Multiple internal and external data connectors to submit data
– Rules Builder to use alongside Adaptive Behavioural Analytics
– Open Model Manager to import you own PMML data science models
– 4-eyes authorization of model, rule and risk strategies
– Fault-tolerant architecture


William Hill

Ecommerce, Financial Services, Insurance
 Primary Functionality
Fraud & AML Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, Call Center Fraud, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Machine Learning, Rules Engine