Email Hippo

HQ: Launceston, United Kingdom

Founded: 2015

Email Hippo – Identify real customers and prevent fraud in realtime. Email validation spots when things don’t add up. Delivery address in the US with an email domain in another country? A disposable email address given as a mailing contact?  Email Hippo software helps keep your store safe.

Fraud Solution Profile

Email Hippo helps identify real people. It has developed specialist software to analyse the data behind email addresses and domains. The results of this analysis helps keep the internet clean by spotting fraudsters, preventing spam and eliminating email waste.

How does it work to stop fraud online?

Email Hippo’s software spots risky people by analysing email addresses in detail and identifying the ‘tells’ that show whether you’re dealing with someone you can trust. Some emails look right, but on closer inspection, they’re telling a bad story. An email might link to a website domain that’s only been online for a couple of hours, or it might be a temporary email address that will only be live for a few minutes and then disappear without a trace.

Email Hippo analyses the data behind every email address during the sign-up process. The results raise the alarm about potential fraud almost immediately. The services cost less than traditional alert systems that can take days to give you the ’heads up’ about potentially risky transactions that have taken place.

How can it find temporary email addresses?

The link between temporary email addresses and fraud is well known. There is no point doing business online with people who sign-up using a temporary email address.  Email Hippo has a proprietary system that hunts down disposable email addresses all over the internet 24/7. That’s how all Email Hippo software is continually updated to stay on top of potential fraudsters who hide their real identities.

Can it work for any online store?

The Email Hippo API is easy to call and integrate into any sign-up form. Users can rely on the Email Hippo Trust Score®? or make their own rules and interpret results from over 70 pieces of data about every email address. For example, by flagging attempted transactions from email domains in specific countries.

Email Hippo is growing its range of products that give online traders increasing control about who they do business with.


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Information upon request

Primary Functionality
Identity & Authentication
Fraud Type
New Account Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine
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