You can leverage data from CyberSource and Visa’s billions of transactions to help sniff out risky transactions, apply the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence to make better payment decisions, and take advantage of sophisticated replay and machine learning technologies to identify and continually fine-tune the best fraud prevention rules and strategies for your organization.

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Fraud Solution Profile

CyberSource’s fraud and risk management solutions provide the proven fraud tools, deep data insights and advanced intelligence you need to find and maintain that balance, especially as your business expands into new areas and channels. Leverage advanced machine learning, insights from more than 68 billion global transactions, and more than 260 validation tests to automatically assess the risk of every transaction and generate more accurate scores.

With Decision Manager, you can customize fraud strategies to match your unique requirements by quickly creating tailored fraud rules based on channel, country, or product line—and activate special fraud rules for specific times and events like marketing promotions and peak seasons—all without any IT intervention.

Use Decision Manager Replay feature to see how new fraud rules and strategies will impact your organization—by testing them in real time against past transaction data. This gives you a fast, safe and accurate way to preview how new rules will perform in specific situations, so you can apply them to your production environment with confidence.

Stay a step ahead of evolving fraud tactics with Decision Manager’s the Rules Suggestion Engine feature, which applies advanced machine learning models to your transaction data, identifies emerging patterns and trends, and automatically suggests new rules to improve performance.

Empower your fraud teams with a flexible case management system that allows them to review more cases, make faster and more accurate decisions, quickly identify returning customers, and turn individual cases into valuable collective knowledge.

Our Fraud Management Essentials solution leverages the capabilities of the Decision Manager engine with pre-configured fraud filters, automatically monitor orders, while still providing a seamless customer experience. It is a lightweight and powerful fraud prevention tool that is designed to meet the needs of designed for small to mid-market businesses.  Fraud Management Essentials provides the scale, security and analytics of Visa and CyberSource helping to protect from card testing, payment fraud and common abuse scenarios while enabling growth from micro to enterprise on a single platform. With access to the automation of machine learning while retaining control over your own risk tolerance, businesses can choose to enable a few rules or no rules, and choose to review no orders or all risky orders.

Account Takeover Protection actively monitors new account creation and account usage behaviors of online websites to help businesses more accurately identify valid from high risk sessions. Avert fraud attempts before they take place by identifying fraud before the purchase occurs, you can avoid the costs and risks associated with chargebacks. A flexible rules engine enables you to flag suspicious activity based on customer behavior and device attributes. You decide whether you want to accept, reject, or challenge the users to authenticate themselves before the event can occur. Preserve customer trust and loyalty by keeping customer accounts safe from fraudsters and protecting your brand by providing a secure account and purchase ecosystem. You can also identify valuable returning customers to provide them with a frictionless user experience.


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Fraud Platform
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Account Takeover, Loyalty or Promo Abuse, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine