Focuses on the versatility of the product and its adaptability to each type of business, based on the individual characteristics and customer needs using both rule-based and machine learning approaches. The company works with high-risk as well as with low-risk industries to find the right solution for every customer.

Location:Birkirkara, Malta
Founded: 2017

Fraud Solution Profile

Online fraud prevention becomes one of the most important challenges for online businesses. Fraudulent attacks are getting to be more sophisticated and inventive. Once a new solution against fraud is developed, fraudsters immediately find a new loophole. And it seems that the risk professionals are always a step behind.

Covery decided to develop the product helping online companies minimize risk and increase revenue. The solution is fully customizable. We use both rule-based and machine learning approaches for risk logic model creation. This approach helps us consider the more of potential scenarios and develop the most valuable risk-logic.

Our approach adapts to each business’ individual characteristics and needs no matter whether you are in the high-risk or low-risk industry.

This is only a part of the benefits your Risk Team receives:

  • Wider coverage of your customer actions for analysis
  • Flexible and rapid customization of data patterns
  • Usage of any of your in-house data for analysis
  • Rule-based and machine learning approaches
  • Tools to work with your loyal customers
  • Simple integration with your business processes
  • Creation of custom machine learning models
  • New individual functionality for your business

Each Covery customer gets access to a unique tool calls Trustchain. Trustchain is a blockchain-inspired global reputation network built into Covery platform that helps to prevent fraud at each user step starting from an account registration or app installation to the transaction, refund or a payout.

Trustchain is a unique advantage for Covery customers that helps to prevent fraud at more stages using the entire community knowledge without sharing personal data. The approach safeguards customers’ digital identity helping customers share global knowledge about trusted users while helping to detect and prevent fraud.


 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine