Is the most complete ecommerce fraud protection solution. We combine advanced statistical technology with the world’s largest team of specialized fraud analysts, for a balanced, real-world approach unlike anything else in the market. We deliver the highest order approval rates and the lowest false decline rates in the industry.

✓ Chargeback Guarantee

Location:Miami, FL, United States
Founded: 2001

Fraud Solution Profile

With over 20 years of experience as one of the largest international CNP fraud prevention operations, ClearSale is dedicated to building a superior product that is backed by the most proficient fraud prevention team. Through the years, we have innovated, optimized, and perfected our processes to empower merchants worldwide to eliminate fraud, sell more, and build better customer relationships.

Ecommerce is a dynamic, challenging environment, but problem-solving is in our DNA. As the leading fraud prevention solution, we help businesses reach their full potential – no matter the hurdles along the way. We do this via our “secret recipe” that combines the best of big data analytics, statistical intelligence, expert manual review, and innovative technologies.

For more information on how ClearSale works, watch our demo here.

Why our solution?

  • Highest approval rates and lowest false decline rates in the industry
  • First company to offer chargeback guarantees — and the largest to still do so
  • Largest company focused on global CNP fraud prevention solutions
  • Only company offering performance-based pricing
  • Compliant/compatible with all data protection legislation
  • We help businesses of every size, in every industry
  • Only company with two decades of experience delivering fully outsourced solutions for enterprise organizations
  • Ecommerce platform integrations
  • User-friendly dashboard and customer reports make proving ROI easy
  • We are trusted by 4,000+ merchants around the world with a 99% customer retention rate.

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Fraud Platform
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Payment Fraud
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