Help banks and financial institutions scale up their fight against online fraud.

Cleafy is the first solution to introduce actual full detection and response in online fraud prevention.

A revolutionary technology that combines all the most advanced fraud detection capabilities, with tailored threat intelligence insights, and threat response automation.

All in one central platform

Location:Milan, Italy
Founded: 2014

Fraud Solution Profile

Cleafy is a revolutionary solution that has been specifically designed to protect online financial services from the most advanced attacks, enabling anti-fraud teams to effectively scale up their fight against online fraud.

Recognized as selected vendor for Online Fraud Detection in Gartner Market Guide for 3 years in a row, Cleafy today protects daily over 60M online and mobile users of top-tier retail and corporate banks that focus on finding new and personalized ways to expand their offerings, onboard new customers, create the best user experience, and ensure regulations compliance (e.g. PSD2).

Cleafy provides both threat detection and protection capabilities, the first solution to introduce a full detection and response model in online fraud prevention. 

A ground-breaking data-driven approach that combines :

  • The most comprehensive fraud detection technology on the market (including patented malware detection, behavioral and transactional analysis)
  • Tailored proprietary Threat Intelligence data and insights
  • Automation of pattern-based adaptive responses 

All in one central platform that works in actual real-time, in a clientless way, and transparently for the protected services. 

A representative list of fraud and attack techniques covered by Cleafy includes: Account Takeover (ATO), Transaction Tampering, Credential Hijacking, Man-in-the-Browser (MITB), Man-In-The-Mobile (MITMO), Web Injects, Web Scraping, RAT-in-The-Browser, SIM SWAP, Mobile App Overlay, SMS Grabbing, App Repackaging, and so forth.

Cleafy’s approach brings fraud management to the optimization of the security posture, minimizing the risk exposure and maximizing the usability for the online services’ end-users.

Cleafy’s approach makes it possible to respond to any threat as it is based on continuous monitoring of all the application traffic (even before the authentication phase) and cross-channel event correlation.

Adaptive pattern-based responses can be automated directly from the platform, thanks to the easy integration with the customer’s tech ecosystem to enable the tune-up and scale-up of the defined security posture. 

Cleafy patented technology uses agentless collection methods for Web and API channels, and SKD capabilities for Mobile channels. The solution is fully transparent to the end-user, does not affect the user experience, does not impact the endpoint performance, and doesn’t require any change to the applications to be protected.


Large European Corporate
Retail Banks
Payment Services Companies
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Financial Services
 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine