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Provides the most comprehensive enterprise chargeback management service available in the market today. Using our hands-on, collaborative approach, our chargeback analysts investigate and respond to each chargeback case in order to match your desired handling for any type of fraud. Our services are offered on both sides of the e-commerce transaction, on the front end we offer order screening & review and on the back end we offer chargeback management. We also offer a consultative fraud strategy Aaudit & review.

Location:Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Founded: 2015

Fraud Solution Profile

Chargeback Management

Our chargeback service is uniquely designed for Fortune-500 e-commerce companies who prioritize the lifetime value of their customer and their brand. Using our hands-on, collaborative approach, our analysts investigate and respond to each chargeback case in order to optimize your desired handling for all types of fraud. Your assigned chargeback analyst works as an extension of your internal fraud team, sharing the intelligence we have gathered in order to help you identify problematic fraud trends. We handle 100% of the chargeback response process and give you the analytics to track and report our progress.

Order Screening & Review

ChargebackOps provides the most cost-effective multi-platform order review service for e-commerce and BOPIS programs available in the market today. Our unique service combines human intelligence with robust tools through a custom built application to provide our analysts with better fraud insights for fast, reliable, and effective decisions. We review and cross-reference over 30 data points in order to provide a better than 90% conversion rate. And because we do not use foreign labor or queue-based systems, our seasoned analysts understand your company and your brand, helping you deliver a superior customer experience. Our expert team becomes an extension of your internal fraud and customer service teams, helping you exceed your fraud goals at the best possible price.

 Fraud Strategy Audit & Review

ChargebackOps offers a customer onsite fraud and chargeback consulting option for companies who want to manage their chargeback process in-house. Some companies simply do not want to outsource this function, but want to understand and implement best practices around chargeback management. Together, we will review and analyze your 12-month historical chargebacks, your current process for handling responses, and help you design better and more effective compelling evidence templates. We will also review and make recommendations for the tools you use to identify and manage online CNP fraud. This fraud strategy audit could be a great option if you found this responsibility landing in your lap, and want to understand the card association guidelines in order to effectively respond to chargebacks and retrieval requests.

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Tractor Supply Company
Bask, Inc.

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