Chargebacks  911

Focuses on helping payments industry members optimize their profitability through chargeback management. This is achieved through an innovative suite of proprietary technologies designed to identify chargeback sources including internal error, friendly fraud, and criminal fraud—and deploy the necessary solution to resolve these disputes.

Location:Clearwater, FL, United States
Founded: 2012

Fraud Solution Profile

Chargebacks911® is the leading risk mitigation and chargeback management service provider. The company distinguishes themselves by promising reliable, high-quality solutions to defend profitability against disputed transactions and the negative impacts of chargebacks.

It was once believed that there was little that could be done to negate the revenue loss associated with chargebacks, and they were largely accepted as an unavoidable cost of doing business. Chargebacks911 challenged this belief, demonstrating that all chargebacks can ultimately be traced to their source—thereby enabling solutions that address the actual problem, not merely the symptoms. This revolutionary intelligence enabled the company to develop innovative and unparalleled solutions to retain revenue, improve compliance, decrease costs, and ensure sustainability.

The cornerstone of Chargebacks911’s approach is Intelligent Source Detection™. This combination of proprietary technologies and human forensics enables the company’s chargeback experts to look beyond traditional chargeback management techniques to achieve unparalleled results.

Merchant clients benefit from Chargebacks911’s state-of-the-art client portal. This intuitive platform provides easy-to-understand visual information with relevant reports, real-time analytics, and custom KPIs to track performance and revenue recovery.

Chargebacks911 also serves financial institutions by assessing more than 145 years of collective industry experience against dynamic processes to expose unrealized internal issues that would otherwise lead to unmitigated liabilities.

All Chargebacks911 solutions are fully-scalable and adaptable to the specific needs of each individual business in more than 25 industries and 87 currencies. Chargebacks911’s technologies and expertise are available on multiple different service levels, from on-demand assistance and self-managed strategies to consulting services and turnkey solutions. This gives clients the power to call on Chargebacks911 as needed—either as a supplement to in-house risk management or as a fully-outsourced answer to chargeback mitigation.

The company reinforces these services with a performance and ROI guarantee. Chargebacks911’s promise is founded on the company’s belief in constantly developing new strategies to counter developing threats, while still providing a consistent, proven solution with clearly measurable results.


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 Primary Functionality
Chargeback & Disputes
 Fraud Type
Payment Fraud