Is the first real-time dispute management platform built to empower internal teams with expertise and automation that helps merchants lower dispute rates, improve win rates, and reduce labor costs. These three benefits work together to minimize losses from the fraudulent and accidental use of disputes by cardholders and issuers.

Location:Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Founded: 2011

Fraud Solution Profile

App helps your business maximize revenue by making it quick & easy to handle disputed transactions at every stage. Outsourcing isn’t the answer, with data-powered automation, your internal team will efficiently manage and respond to every alert and chargeback.

Everything you need is right here

A cloud-based platform delivering automation

The Chargeback App is your solution for managing disputes, whether you are an online retailer, subscription service, car rental company, or any player in the merchant arena. It’s the first platform built to improve and simplify dispute management for internal teams of all sizes.

The quickest way to handle disputes & save money

Your business benefits from our intelligent response generator. Order, customer, transaction, and dispute data is auto-populated from your transactions into compelling responses based on current card network rules and regulations. Be confident that you’re generating dispute responses that will improve your win rate.

Simplify your process, connect your accounts

Merchant account, payment processing, gateway and sales data all in one central location. Eliminate multiple logins, copy+paste nightmares, and cobbling together of different tools to manage disputes.

Core benefits you can track and measure

Lower your dispute rate

Combat the fraudulent and accidental abuse of chargeback rights in real-time with ease. By sending enhanced details directly to the issuer’s fingertips, you can stop disputes before they’re ever filed and lower your dispute rate. Create a new line of first defense that saves you both fees and labor associated with would-be disputes. Then, automate meaningful action such as issuing refunds, blocking orders, preventing fulfillment, rerouting shipments, and generating dispute responses in real-time.

Improve your win rate

Be confident that your team is generating dispute responses that adhere to payment provider rules and regulations as well as best-practice protocols. With the Chargeback App, you can rest assured that the best possible responses are provided to the issuer. The app guides your team through the addition of required and/or compelling supplemental evidence based on the card network reason code, transaction type, and any applicable transaction modifiers to ensure the highest possible win rates.

Spend less time managing disputes

Consolidate the data from your payment service providers, logistic, fraud alert systems, and other accounts into one centralized place: the Chargeback App. By using this data from disparate systems, the app generates a custom response to every dispute and automatically pulls in the customer, order, and transaction data needed to win. This automation eliminates the excessive time traditionally spent dealing with a dispute. Then, when your responses are ready to go, they can be automatically sent to your processor.

Maximize your revenue and improve your bottom line

Our dispute management platform picks up the ball where fraud scoring and manual reviews stop, enabling you to minimize lost revenue and increase profit efficiently. There has never been a better way to free up time and reduce the demand for ‘fraud experts’ on your loss-prevention team.


Dick’s Sporting Goods

 Primary Functionality
Chargeback & Disputes
 Fraud Type
Payment Fraud
Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine