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Draining billions from organizations around the world each year, chargebacks and fraud are some of the greatest revenue challenges a business can face. With help from Chargeback Gurus, merchants can reverse chargebacks, prevent fraud, and minimize revenue loss. All services are backed by the Guru Guarantee.

Location:Dallas, TX, United States
Founded: 2013

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Goes beyond fighting chargebacks

Last year, e-commerce businesses reported that 2.2% of their orders led to chargebacks. That’s more than double the 0.9% threshold for enrollment in the Visa Dispute Monitoring Program, which imposes fines on merchants who receive too many payment disputes. It’s even well above the 1.8% threshold for the “excessive” level of the program.

In addition to recovering revenue by fighting chargebacks, Chargeback Gurus can provide the tools and expert analysis merchants need to prevent chargebacks from happening in the first place. With help from the Gurus, merchants can avoid costly fines and chargeback fees and protect their bottom line.

About Us

Chargeback Gurus is a global fintech company that has recovered over $1.5 billion for their clients. As trusted advisors to credit card networks and Fortune 500 companies, the Gurus are known for their expertise in the areas of risk management, chargeback mitigation, fraud prevention, and dispute intelligence.

The Gurus have won numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Stevie Awards and being named in the Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing US Companies list multiple times. Chargeback Gurus’ mitigation strategies have helped thousands of merchants increase customer retention, improve brand satisfaction and drive repeat purchases. Chargeback Gurus can augment your in-house staff or manage the chargeback process 100%. For more information, our website or email


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