Cellbunq provides frictionless Know Your Business (KYB) orchestration that is directly connected to thousands of databases. Clients can swiftly onboard, verify and underwrite businesses from across the globe and easily manage their reporting and ongoing due dilligence.

Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Founded: 2022

Fraud Solution Profile

Cellbunq is an AI-powered know your business (KYB) platform that helps companies onboard businesses from anywhere in the world. Through the platform clients get access to a complete orchestration of services that allows anyone verify, manage and underwrite businessses from a single source of connectivity.

Borderless growth

Cellbunq is connected to thousands of different sources  to gain insights on company information, financials, directors &  adverse media. Our solution has been built to be truly global and we continually add more and more sources to provide an even more extensive coverage.

From start to finish

Through the Cellbunq platform Clients get access to more than +10 readily available services that are vital components of an onboarding journey. With Cellbunq, Clients can verify the UBO’s and Directors, do a background screening with ongoing monitoring and also get additional information about the business and the website of their customers through our Business Intelligence solution.

Through one single platform

The platform has been built to be a one-stop-hub for all of our clients. Through the dashboard, Clients can easily review, manage and get a complete understanding about the business which they are looking to onboard. Using advanced AI-algorithms we provide extensive insights that makes the decisioning much easier and time-effective of any compliance officer.  


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Ecommerce, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Orchestration Hubs
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine