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Has developed the most advanced online ID documents control system on the international market to prevent and fight frauds, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing increasing security level during Client onboarding and KYC processes: the only one based on worldwide legislation ID documents, intelligence, AI, machine learning and BigData.

Location:Barcelona, Spain
Founded: 2013

Fraud Solution Profile

Many ID documents verification services are currently available on the international market, but… are they really effective?

Nowadays, most of the Client onboarding processes are remotely managed and it’s crucial to be able to correctly analyse the ID document that has been shown to us.

Since over 90% of criminal activities are organized (such as Terrorism and Illegal Immigration) who have interest in hiding the real identity of criminals, it’s easy to understand how important is to correctly check the authenticity of any potential client’s identity credentials.

While Companies adopt innovative technology solutions such as Behavioural Biometrics, and with PSD2 increasing security levels to avoid “non authorized” people accessing their online platforms, they often forget that checking a document in a non-efficient way could make the aforementioned technologies not effective.

Frauds perpetrated worldwide with the use of fake documents generate each year millions of Euros of direct loss, damaging financial entities, consumer credit, telco’s, insurance companies, and rental & leasing companies.

Even then, this loss could be a really small one if we compare it to what could happen in terms of loss of reputation and compensations for possible class actions.

A correct ID documents’ verification is the basis of any efficient fraud prevention activity.

On one hand, there are many companies which offer a document verification services. Some of these include facial biometric technology, OCR, check digits analysis, visible data (VIZ) and machine-readable zone (MRZ) comparison and specimen’s analysis.

The ARIKI Group has experts who have over 25 years of international experience at maximum level tutoring and mentoring law enforcement agencies around Europe and Northern African Countries (also on behalf of UNODC) on counterfeit ID documentation.

Besides offering all of the above-mentioned features, our disruptive documents checking platform is based on the worldwide legislation relating ID documents, intelligence criteria, machine learning, artificial intelligence and BigData; all these analysis’ processes allow the system to verify the “coherence” of a specific document issuance, helping to detect also a possible stolen in blanc one.

As our system has been fed (and it’s constantly  updated) with data relating all social and demographic variation statistics and the volume of issued in a specific European Country (for each region, city and weeks of the year) in the past 22 years, our tool is able to validate also the name of the official who should have signed it for some specific documents.

Apart comparing the analysed document with its correct specimen (always depicted in perfect conditions), our system also carries out a comparison with many authentic and worn-out documents of the same kind.

Finally, our system also checks our global database to verify if a document has been previously used for another fraud.

All of the above is what we call “intelligence”.

Welcome to the most advanced online documents checking solution.

Welcome to ARIKI Intelligence Group.

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