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Is 100% Guaranteed Fraud Protection​. While legacy fraud systems give risk scores and leave tough decisions up to the Merchant, Apruvd makes expert decisions ​for you — ​eliminating chargebacks and false-declines and increasing revenue.​ ​We provide a collaborative partnership that helps your business grow safely and ensures​ all good customers get approved.​

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Location:Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Founded: 2015

Fraud Solution Profile

Who We Are:​

Fraud Protection Guaranteed To Help Your Business Grow.

Apruvd started in May of 2015 with one principle in mind: Merchants deserve to grow their business without having to deal with credit card fraud. Combining big data, modern fraud technologies, deep-linking abilities with expert human analysis we provide ecommerce businesses a scalable, flexible, and ​100% guaranteed​ layer of fraud protection​. With Apruvd, you can decision complex orders with accuracy and care, turn declines into revenue, and ensure no good customers get left behind​.

Our manual review specialists are truly one-of-a-kind — providing a level of expertise and precision that standard fraud tools simply cannot. The Apruvd team members are experts at researching and reviewing escalated, complex and high-risk orders and providing timely decisions you can count on — eliminating false-declines and chargebacks and reclaiming valuable time and revenue.

What We Do:

​Detecting More Than Just Fraud.

Beyond simply preventing fraud, ​we ​detect revenue​ – identifying good-paying customers and legitimate orders where others cannot. Legacy fraud tools were designed to identify ​fraudsters,​ not ​customers. ​The result of this one-sided approach is that for every fraudster you stop, you reject one good customer (on average).

Apruvd was built to ensure ALL legitimate orders get approved. With our team by your side, you can expect to ​approve 50-90% of orders other systems decline​ ​– that means we’re approving good-paying, legitimate customers who would have otherwise been declined.


How We Work:

We Make Sense of Orders That Don’t.

Fraud is complex — but with Apruvd you get the accuracy and precision from a partner as invested in your businesses’ success as you are. We combine the best in automation and manual review to accurately identify legitimate orders and approve all good customers. Apruvd prioritizes both your customers’ shopping experience and your business growth providing you zero risk, zero chargeback costs and 100% peace-of-mind knowing you’ll never decline a good customer again.

Better Detection​ – Leave the tough decisions to us.
Better Protection​ – Backed by ApruvdAssurance™ – Our risk-free, zero-chargeback, 100% Guarantee
Better Results​ – We approve 50-90% of orders other systems decline.

Service Plans:​ Complete Solution or Layer Us On.

Apruvd offers three different service plans​, all backed by our 100% Guarantee. Our range of plans address all critical aspects of decisioning and differ in the proportion of order volume that we review. We don’t believe merchants should pay for orders we deem fraudulent – only pay for approved orders that are guaranteed.

  • Apruvd​Revive™​ – Submit all of your declined orders for risk-free decisioning.
  • ApruvdCustom™ – Submit any unique subset of orders specific to your business needs; for example international orders, billing/shipping mismatches, or all orders escalated for further review.
  • ApruvdComplete™– Submit all of your incoming transactions for review and decisioning. (Ask about how we can filter orders that are already indemnified through existing payment providers).

Whether it’s domestic orders or international, a select batch of hard-to-decision orders, or reviewing all orders, at Apruvd we will always focus on identifying ​customers-​first, because ​customers​ – not fraud – are what drives your business. This people-first approach ensures you have the most accurate detection, complete customer satisfaction and the best results for your business.

Approve More Orders. Detect More Revenue.
And Ensure ​ALL Good Customers Get Approved​.



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