Founded in 1997 on the promise of securing online payments, Alphacomm is one of the first global pioneers in
online payment processing and fraud prevention technology. Complexity sucks! That’s why we combine in-depth
knowledge, the latest innovations, and market feedback to develop easy-to-use API-based solutions that help
companies worldwide become more profitable.

Location:Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Founded: 1997

Fraud Solution Profile

What is Protectmaxx?

Protectmaxx is a next-generation anti-fraud solution designed to help e-commerce businesses secure their profits by eliminating fraudulent payments and reducing friction at checkout. This allows businesses to accept even the riskiest payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards.

Key Features:

  •  Chargeback Recovery – no more chargebacks or expensive support with Credit Cards & PayPal thanks to a 100% chargeback guarantee.
  • Supervised Machine Learning – Protectmaxx uses advanced supervised Machine Learning to accurately
    detect trends, optimize algorithms and update schemas.
  •  Compliance – fully compliant with PCI and GDPR. Offered with local storage to match all local legislations.
  •  98% Acceptance Rate – Even though conditions in the high-risk digital goods market are trickier than ever, Protectmaxx is capable of offering an acceptance rate of up to 98%.
  •  Wide Applicability – Protectmaxx is capable of providing the best protection for every vertical.
  •  Compatibility – Protectmaxx is API-based and comes with extensive documentation, making it highly compatible with all systems and webshops.
  •  Self-adapting — As a smart, self-adapting solution, Protectmaxx always applies the most cost-effective anti-fraud measure on a per-transaction basis, ensuring that no friction is unnecessarily introduced.



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