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ai has a long track record of providing fraud prevention and payment solutions globally to some of the world’s largest financial/payment institutions and international merchants. Our longstanding business partnerships are based on making things simple, using self-service tools that allow our customers to take control of their potential fraud exposure.

Location:Guildford, United Kingdom
Founded: 1998

Fraud Solution Profile

ai provides a modular based, enterprise-wide fraud solution that can protect the entire payment chain from cardholder, merchant, payment gateway, acquirer through to the issuer. Comprised of a sophisticated self-service, real-time and near real-time rules engine complimented with advanced machine learning technology, and gateway, the ai Enterprise Fraud Solution provides clients with the ability to empower their fraud teams to further advance and automate their current fraud prevention tool set, while staying fully in control, as all system modules are self-service.

The machine learning Smart Modules are fraud platform agnostic so can be used to improve the fraud detection and prevention capability of any fraud platform. With SmartRule, an automated rule generator, you can produce fully tested rule sets. SmartScore creates multiple neural models on site, on demand within hours, rather than days/weeks of manual analytical methods. SmartIntelligence provides real-time actionable business intelligence that enables clients to monitor KPI’s and KVI’s. This is not limited to fraud and fraud team performance, including payment transaction data as a whole. This enables additional value added service to be provided by our clients to their clients. SmartAlerts completes the cycle, with its automated two-way SMS, email or voice capability to enable clients to interact directly with cardholders, merchants or fraud investigators when a given alert is generated by the fraud platform or BI tool.

The Enterprise Fraud solution not only protects credit and debit card transactions but also all payment methods and financial transactions regardless of the channel or type, whether that be POS, ecommerce, mobile, ATM, faster payments, checks, wire/account transfers, internet/mobile banking. ai has tailored it’s solutions to meet the specific needs, demands and pain points of various sectors such as Retail Fuel where ai provides an end to end fleet/fuel card issuing solution, inclusive of loyalty modules that has a fully integrated real-time payment gateway and the Enterprise Fraud Solution. All ai fraud and payments solutions are available as licensed on premise solutions or Azure cloud based, which can be backed by our fully managed fraud service provided by leading team of dedicated fraud analysts.


Judo Payments

Ecommerce, Financial Services, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, Call Center Fraud, Loyalty or Promo Abuse, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine