HQ: Itasca, IL, United States

Founded: 2007

Accertify is an established and proven global provider of enterprise fraud and chargeback management solution designed to support the needs of large e commerce and financial institutions.  Accertify’s solution helps clients address a range of Fraud use cases, including account takeover, account set up, transactional Fraud, loyalty Fraud, returns Fraud, policy Fraud and employee Fraud.

Fraud Solution Profile

Accertify provides merchants and financial institutions with a proven solution to help address and mitigate Fraud.  Accertify’s configurable and scalable platform offers clients a single enterprise solution to address a range of Fraud use cases including: account takeover, account creation, digital transaction fraud, call center Fraud, policy Fraud and returns Fraud.

We believe that a multi-layered approach to Fraud is the most effective and our success is built on the following principles:

A robust, scalable and configurable platform that can support multiple use cases and lines of business.  We support 20 plus pre-integrations to third party data providers – enabling easy API calls to facilitate Fraud and KYC checks as needed.  Additionally, we can support EU clients who have a requirement to keep their data in the EU.  A fully integrated chargeback solution is available to complement the Fraud solution.

We are an established global company with people and offices located throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.  We offer extensive Fraud expertise and consulting services – including options for fully or partially managed services for Fraud and chargeback management.

Twenty of the largest eCommerce companies globally, and 4 of 10 the largest global airline groups, use Accertify to support their business.  Additionally, we have a strong presence in financial institutions, travel, digital marketplaces and ticketing.  The large global client base provides deep data used to drive results for our merchants via machine learning/artificial Intelligence models and consortium data.

The Accertify Solution Offers:

  • A robust rules engine with strong case management and audit tools
  • Machine Learning
  • Device Interrogation
  • Behavioral analytics (coming summer 2017)
  • On-Demand Fraud Liability shift
  • Pre-integrated data services to validate offer
  • Consortium data
  • Fraud expertise
  • Managed Services
  • Integrated Chargeback solution

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Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Rules Engine
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