Abrigo offers Financial Crime solutions including end-to-end Anti-Money Laundering, Sanction Screening, and Fraud Detection powered by cloud-based AI/ML technology. Trusted by banks and credit unions across the U.S., our comprehensive suite of tools and advisory services empower institutions to effectively combat financial crime, optimize operations, protect revenue, and manage risk.

Location:Austin, USA
Founded: 1998

Fraud Solution Profile

Abrigo Fraud Detection: Find Fraud Faster and Smarter with AI

Abrigo Fraud Detection is a multi-dimensional AI-powered platform that increases the speed and accuracy of fraud detection—enabling institutions to reduce fraud losses and protect their customers.

Pinpoint altered items, forgeries, and fraudulent checks by unifying best-in-class AI/ML-powered check image analysis, a nationwide consortium of check fraud data, and configurable rules engine. The combination of these three components identifies fraudulent items at the targeted level of efficiency for the financial institution, reducing fraud losses and boosting operational efficiency.

Here is how it works:

  • AI/ML-Powered Image Analysis: Examine 24 different dimensions of a check, including check edge analysis, feature placement, and signature identification. 
  • Nationwide Consortium: Leverage a massive database of check fraud information to learn from your peers and strengthen your detection capabilities. 
  • Configurable rules engine: Tailor rules based on the fraud strategy of the financial institution, providing a customized approach to fraud detection.
  • Advanced Fraud Reports: Gain insights into critical metrics such as check and fraud volumes, prevented loss, recoveries, and analyst productivity.
  • Integrated Case Management: Connect with Abrigo’s AML case management solution to combine the fraud decisioning process with overall transaction processing, such as alerts, case creation, and SAR direct filing, streamlining staff workflows. 

 Benefits of Abrigo Fraud Detection:

  • Reduce Fraud Losses: In a pilot program with a Southeastern U.S. bank, Abrigo Fraud Detection correctly identified 93% of the bank’s total fraudulent check value, equating to more than $330,000 in potential fraud loss avoidance. 
  • Increase Efficiency: Auto approve, decline, or flag suspicious transactions for further review reducing manual processes and disjointed fraud detection methods.
  • Improve Decision-Making: Conduct time-sensitive investigations enabling swift and accurate decisions about potential fraud allowing the institution to catch fraud before it happens.
  • Strategic Data Intelligence: Utilize data-driven decisions to optimize processes and make timely reactions to emerging threats.
  • Seamless Customer Experience: Protects customers and the financial institution from fraud without impacting their banking experience.


Additionally, Abrigo offers Fraud detection across various channels, including check kiting/deposit, ACH, wire, debit card, and new accounts, utilizing tailored fraud scenarios. 

Abrigo Fraud Detection is part of our Financial Crime Suite that includes our market leading BAM+ AML and sanction screening software. BAM+ enables financial institutions to streamline, manage, and report on all aspects of their AML program from a single platform. With BAM+, you gain end-to-end AML case management, scenario analysis, fraud detection, OFAC and watchlist screening, PEP scanning, frontline reporting of suspicious activity, customer due diligence and direct-file CTRs and SARs. With shared case management, data integration and reporting, banks and credit unions can break down internal siloes to better detect, manage, and resolve suspicious activity. 

Our solutions are highly customizable to suit each financial institution’s unique risk profile, tech stack and priorities, enabling streamlined processes, enhanced risk management, and sustainable growth. To discover more, please go to Abrigo.com  



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 Primary Functionality
Fraud & AML Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine