Provides world-class KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solutions. Through one API, access 400+ premium KYC data sources, coupled with our leading-edge proprietary anti-fraud technology tool sets, data science and advanced monitoring capabilities to future-proof your business and expand into any market with confidence your risk and compliance requirements are managed.

Location:Cologne, Germany
Founded: 2012

Fraud Solution Profile

Future Proof Your KYC and Compliance Requirements

Our global compliance and risk management platform brings together global premium data sources, coupled with our proprietary anti-e technology for your business to obtain premium protection against Fraud, and effortlessly manage risk and compliance, regardless of industry, transactional region or evolving regulatory requirements.


What We Offer

Global KYC Data Services

Access to 400+ KYC global data sources, via one integration.

  • Ability to activate KYC data sources instantly in real-time
  • Add any additional KYC data source required within a 10-day SLA integration
  • Flexible where you can bring your own data or your own pricing for external checks

Global Compliance

We bring confidence to enter any market and stay compliant.

  • We make you 4MLD and PSD2 compliant
  • We keep you current on all compliant requirements for regulatory authorities, such as; FCA, Bafin, Fincen and Fintrac
  • Advanced compliance verifications on customers
  • Reporting tools to streamline the process to submit reports to regulatory bodies

World-Class Fraud Prevention Tools

Our proprietary anti-fraud technology supports enterprise-level volumes and provides multi-layered customization for optimal protection against Fraud.

  • Powerful rules engine with 800+ pre-determined rule sets, an immediate free-form rules creator, custom rule weighing, real-time rule deployment and more with automated customized system actions to a variety of parameters
  • In-depth customer profiling with association logic, and time-frame intelligence
  • Enriched data management
  • Customized blocking and blacklisting
  • Auto configuration settings
  • Database and keyword management
  • Simple manual / ad hoc lookup

Advanced Monitoring

Improve reaction times, review customers and their transactions instantly and stop Fraud in seconds.

  • Real-time on screen feeds and alerts
  • Exceptionally detailed case reviews encompassing data vendor responses, rules results, history, profile linking and more
  • Effortlessly set custom notifications on alerts, KPI dashboards, system responses and more, drilled down to each merchant account, sub-merchant account, customer or region
  • Integrated analytics
  • One-click reporting
  • Instantly review queues configured on various criteria layered with performance monitoring

Data Science

Quantifying business and risk management decisions based on data and reports is critical when entering new markets globally. We let you expand with confidence.

  • Access to data aggregation with statistical analysis without involving your internal development resources
  • Effortlessly, create whole market profiles
  • Smart Case Review Toolkit provides digestible reports of data analytics with toolsets to streamline internal review processes and ability to instantly any KYC or rule configuration required



Future Proof Your KYC and Compliance Requirements

  • With an elite suite of KYC data sources available at your fingertips, you can instantly activate any KYC data source and rule configuration required to support evolving regulatory requirements

IT Independence

  • Our Data Scientists are available to assist you 24/7. There is no need to touch internal development resources

Single View of Risk

  • Our one API integration provides a consolidated view of risk to improve reaction times and streamline operations

Simple REST API Integration

  • Designed by developers for developers with strong API definition and code examples in all major programming languages to be up and running in hours and not days

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