About-Fraud welcomes submissions from active industry participants for its News section.

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About-Fraud welcomes submissions from active industry participants for its News section.

Content Guidelines

1) We are looking to publish content that adds value to industry discussions, including thought leadership and interesting perspective and insight.

2) Avoid being self-promotional. All contributors will get a bio/company blurb and link at the bottom of their contributed article for marketing purposes. Your writing should focus on contributing insight to industry conversations, not selling your solution.

3) While long-form content provides a ton of good information, we do not post it in our News section. We provide content that is easy to digest. Decisionmakers’ time is precious, therefore we embrace brevity. Well constructed short-form content can be educational and impactful. In addition, you can provide a summary of long-form content (such as e-books and whitepapers) and we’ll embed a link to the full piece so user’s can take a deeper dive if they choose.

4) By contributing an article to About-Fraud.com, you are agreeing to accept our editorial process and judgments as long as it doesn’t significantly alter the meaning of your writing. We will always provide a preview of content before publishing.

5) About-Fraud.com will not publish articles disparaging the competition. We are happy to highlight different methodologies and tactics. However, the content should enrich our community of fraud fighters and consist of thoughtful insight.

6) All content submitted to About-Fraud.com is given with explicit permission that it be published on the site. The company or contributor submitting content for publication to About-Fraud.com assumes responsibility for ensuring that all copyright and contractual obligations regarding re-publication and distribution of the content in question are honored and respected. Any potential submission that is not approved for re-publication on a third-party site should not be submitted to About-Fraud.com.

While we are thrilled you want to contribute, we do reserve the right to decline any submissions that do not adhere to the outlined criteria.