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Challenging Times: Career Reflections for Fraud Fighters

It’s obviously a tough economic time and employees in all industries are feeling the pain. The fraud and risk space is no different. Whether you were recently laid off or are on a roller coaster of career ups and downs, I wanted to share some thoughts. Reflecting on my own career roller...
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Top Five Crypto Scams and How to Avoid Them

In the modern world, thieves highly value the cryptocurrency you own. When a cryptocurrency transaction is completed, one cannot undo it. It is also liquid and very portable. As a result, the digital world has been inundated by a surge of scams, including both time-honored favorites and new frauds targeted specifically at...
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5 Questions to Ask to Avoid Gift Card Scams

In the first nine months of 2021, reports of victim-assisted gift card fraud toppled the previous year's numbers by 28%1. Since education is the most effective crime-stopper, this list of questions can help consumers recognize and avoid buying gift cards for scammers. From romance scams and sweepstakes shams to phony tax audits...
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The Psychology of Scams: Real-Life Story

Last April, during school spring break, our family went on vacation to Orlando, Florida. My kids decided against theme parks and we enjoyed the hotel waterslides, game room, and some “off the beaten track” alligator-related activities. It was truly a great family vacation. On the morning of our flight back home we...
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Fakers Gonna Fake: How to Detect and Prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud

Confirming the identity of an existing account holder or for a new account opening is an expensive responsibility looming over the financial sector. Without proper oversight and controls, it results in massive losses, regulatory fines, and the threat of reputational damage. As fraudsters become increasingly savvy and their attacks become more sophisticated,...
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5 Warnings of a Job Scam

A job search is not an easy task and it involves plenty of anxiety and emotions. The last thing anyone needs is wrestling with whether a job is a scam or not. Therefore, we wanted to raise awareness of 5 common tactics used in job scams. If you see any of these...
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Investment, Acquisitions & IPOs – Q3 2022

Q3 is wrapping up in a couple days, so it's time for our quarterly investment update. As you can see, there is a lot more white space here as investments and acquisitions slowed down in Q3. The global economic climate surely has impacted investments in the fraud/identity space. Have a read to...
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Top 10 Fraud Fighting Podcasts

Consuming fraud fighting education can happen in many ways. One of the most enjoyable is a podcast. Throw it on as you commute to work, go for a run, or do anything where you can have a listen. Then you sit back and enjoy as you boost your fraud knowledge! To make...
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The Nicest Guy in Fraud Prevention

We have all met fraud fighters we loved. The curious, tenacious type who owned their work. When fraud cases needed working they knocked it out. When rules were misfiring, they came to the rescue. It’s a thing of beauty. And then we've met fraud fighters that were… “more challenging”. Nothing was their...
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