Callsign webinar

Account Takeover (ATO) comes up every year as a growing problem across financial services and payments ecosystems. But why aren't we better at solving it? We have the technology, strategy and resources, yet ATO is still damaging customer's digital experiences and piling up fraud losses on the bottom line. We can do better.

Join our esteemed panel of thought leaders to receive unique insight and actionable takeaways. This includes a discussion around transformation fraud management and how it's critical in solving your ATO pain point. In addition, we'll highlight proven technology that will make ATO less of trending topic in the years to come.

By the end of the session, you will know:

Current state of ATO and how we got to this point

Why the industry has not adapted fast enough

Transformation fraud management - what does it mean, how does it helps

How behavioral biometrics and intelligent orchestration are leading the way to crack ATO

Things you can do right away to up your ATO mitigation strategy


Hal Callsign

Hal Granoff

Head of U.S Market Development


Ronald Prätsch

Ronald Prätsch
Co-Founder & Fraud Consultant



David Fapohunda

Managing Director


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