Mike Russell

Apruvd CTO & COO Corwin Cole on the Pulse of Online Fraud

By Mike Russell / Nov 13, 2019

Corwin Cole built and maintains the backbone of Apruvd’s REST API and web app. He credits a background in statistics and finance for his successful…

DataVisor CEO Yinglian Xie on the Democratization of Online Fraud Prevention

By Mike Russell / Nov 6, 2019

Yinglian Xie co-founded DataVisor in 2013 after establishing a reputation as a highly regarded researcher, author, and conference contributor. Yinglian has over 10 years of…

Sift CEO & Co-Founder Jason Tan on the Current State of the Internet

By Mike Russell / Oct 23, 2019

Jason Tan co-founded Sift in 2011 after a career in software engineering at various Seattle startups. As the company’s CEO, he draws on a deep…

Brett Johnson on the Cybercriminal Mindset

By Mike Russell / Jun 23, 2019

In the world of online fraud prevention, Brett Johnson sits in a category all his own. With support from his wife, sister, Karisse Hendrick, and…

Important Questions to Ask During a Machine Learning Sales Pitch

By Mike Russell / May 6, 2019

To excel in fraud prevention requires approaching everything with skepticism. If you’re a top-notch fraud analyst, there’s a good chance you read contracts before signing.…

Addressing the 3 Shortcomings of AVS

By Mike Russell / Jan 3, 2019

Address verification services (AVS) have fallen behind modern fraudsters’ tactics. To compensate, incorporate other fraud prevention solutions like identify fraud risk management, a chargeback management service or a full-service cloud platform.