Ronald Praetsch

Putting Email at The Core of Digital Identity

By Ronald Praetsch / Oct 12, 2017

Emailage was founded in 2012. The company enables merchants to use customers’ email addresses as the core element in assessing transactional fraud risk, including a… Launches with Refined Strategy, Unique Value

By Ronald Praetsch / Sep 13, 2017 is a website created in, March of 2017. Following a revamped launch in August, is publishing this interview with the co-founders to explain…

Flying Thru Turbulence in Travel Fraud

By Ronald Praetsch / Aug 29, 2017

Josep Bernat is the CEO of Nuk Consultants and Svik Lainoa, two companies focused on improving B2B clients’ payments, client conversiand fraud prevention, and is…

PrimeiroPay: Adapting to Brazilian e-commerce

By Ronald Praetsch / Aug 22, 2017

Tim Werner is a German living in São Paulo for five years who believes an on-going local presence in the market is the key to…

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention: Evolving to Meet Changing Threats

By Ronald Praetsch / Jul 9, 2017

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention was recently at Money 20/20 Europe to display their readiness to work with all types of businesses that want to protect their…

New PIPL Pro Bucks Trend on Manual Review

By Ronald Praetsch / Feb 25, 2017

Search engine company signs Magento as client for tool for in-house fraud analysts. The people search company, PIPL, launched a business version of its search…