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Join the Movement: Where Risk becomes Revenue

Today’s leading businesses recognize that to grow fearlessly in a dynamic global market, they can’t afford to keep treating risk and revenue like opposing forces.

In that spirit, Sift and About Fraud are excited to introduce a brand new, bespoke global forum where thought leaders and visionaries can work together to forge the future of the risk-revenue relationship across industries and geographies.

(12pm-12:30pm) Check-in, grab food & drinks, network

(12:30pm-1:00pm) Hostmaster welcome + audience intro/icebreaker

(1:00pm-1:30pm) Main talk & Q&A

(1:30pm-2:30pm) Panel discussion with audience engagement

(2:30pm-3:00pm) Socializing & networking with food & drinks

We invite you to join the Risk Revenue Movement.

The NY experience awaits.

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Hostmaster Keynote


  • Explore new fraud trends and learn strategies to build digital trust while protecting and growing revenue

  • Discuss the convergence of fraud, security, and identity teams and the operational impact

  • Understand how bad actors are leveraging the dark web to compromise user accounts
    Interactive Panel

Why Attend?


  • We don’t speak at you — we speak with you
  • Collaborate with industry trailblazers
  • No notes required — we'll capture the key points and share them later, so you can enjoy every conversation in the moment
  • Top-notch networking

What's the vibe


  • Comfortable, easygoing & enjoyable—perfect for conversation and connection with fellow fraud fighters and security professionals
    Meet and mingle with your peers across industries
  • Delicious, active & agile—grab a snack and share with peers as you stay moving and meeting new faces (we won’t stick you at a table all day)

Risk Revenue Experts


Ryan Hunter
Director of Identity and Fraud Strategy


Oxana Korzun
Investigations and Risk Management

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 Brendon Culhane
Sr. Manager of Risk Operations

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Brittany Allen
Fraud Prevention Expert

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 Chris Jones
Chief Revenue Officer

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PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall


Tim Kropp
Global CISO

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Vlad Brodsky

Chief Information Officer

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