Ypsilon.net AG

HQ: Frankfurt, Germany

Founded: 1992

A travel technology and payment service provider that provides PCI DSS proxy solutions, payment services as well as a fraud prevention system. Our fraud prevention system not only analyses and scores booking based on complex rules and algorithms but also provides full automation in all GDS and CRS. FraudClear offers full control and automation at PNR level.

Fraud Solution Profile

Our fraud prevention system is designed solely for the travel industry. It connects fully to all CRS and GDS in order to interact with each system (read and write) and analyzes Data directly at the source from the PNR (queue management).

FraudClear is a unique fraud prevention system that  provides the highest degree of automation based on scoring results. (cancel,void, suspend, verify, remarks, OSI etc.)

The Machine learning fraud pattern recognition can be adapted to the specific customer needs and markets. Rules can be  precisely defined based on  hundreds of metrics as well as internal and external modules such as black and white lists, customer solvency information, Perseuss data or Ethoca alerts.

Airline customers will control their PNRs, residing completely in their system. They do not have to change environments as the system connects directly in the reservation system of the carrier.

FraudClear merges a powerful detection algorithm using different techniques such as device fingerprint, IP geolocation, velocity check, pattern identification, and cross references with direct connectivity with the reservation system of the airline or OTA.

Automation based on scoring results is completely control within the platform. (XI, void, suspend, refund).


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Fraud Platform
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Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine
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