WeDo Technologies

HQ: Lisbon, Portugal

Founded: 2001

WeDo Technologies is the worldwide leader of revenue assurance and fraud management software for the telecom industry. With more than 200 telecom customers from which 150 use its RAID software for revenue assurance and/or for fraud management. WeDo Technologies provides it’s fraud management solution on-prem and as a SaaS solution on the cloud.

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Fraud Solution Profile

RAID Fraud Management provides real-time fraud protection by identifying suspicious or fraudulent activity. As WeDo shared with Stratecast, fraud management offers visibility, automation, flexibility, and scalability to protect today’s changing telecom environment against increasingly sophisticated fraud threats. The solution has available modules to target specific fraud types and utilizes machine learning to identify new threats. The available modules include: roaming fraud, bypass fraud, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), high usage fraud, subscription fraud, assets misappropriation fraud, PBX hacking fraud, prepaid fraud, wholesale fraud, and dealers fraud.

RAID.Cloud is the multi-tenant cloud-based solution for fraud management. The RAID.Cloud platform provides access to fraud management solutions such as bypass fraud, IRSF, roaming fraud, high usage fraud, and subscription fraud, as well as new areas that can be a potential source of risk, such as the validation of digital identities for CSPs utilizing a B2B2X business model. As part of its RAID.Cloud offer, WeDo provides CSPs a 60 day free cloud trial of its risk management applications, allowing them to load, analyze, and visualize fraud risks with their own data or with pre-populated data sets. After the free trial period, transitioning to a production account is simple and requires little effort.


Orange Group


Telecom OSS/BSS Data
Social Data
Credit Scoring Data
Fraudster Blacklists
Dark Web Data

Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine
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