HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded: 2014

Simplex is a fintech and crypto company focused on fraudless online payment processing solutions. We process credit card payments that are 100% guaranteed – in case of a fraud chargeback, the merchant gets paid by Simplex. Our fraud prevention solution and proprietary AI technology have helped secure merchants since 2014.

✓ Chargeback Guarantee

Fraud Solution Profile

Simplex is a fintech & crypto company that provides online merchants with fraudless online payment processing solutions. Established in 2014, Simplex began its fight against fraud in the bitcoin ecosystem. Our experts facilitated global credit card processing for bitcoin exchanges, brokers and wallets with a full fraud chargeback guarantee. Today, we’re expanding towards additional high-fraud-risk areas such as e-commerce, high-end online product purchasing and more.

Unfortunately for all of us, online fraud is a grim reality. It runs rampant. It slows down online business and has the potential to devastate merchants. Yet at Simplex, our vision is to create A World Without Fraud. We offer merchants a one-stop-shop solution – we process the transactions, ensure fraud prevention and we also take responsibility in case of a chargeback. We make life easier for merchants and provide much needed online piece-of-mind.

Our goal is to make online commerce safe for everyone. Completely risk-free. So we developed cutting-edge AI algorithm technology that processes online payments and assesses risk with maximum quickness and efficiency. Working in the risk-laden cryptocurrency environment has taught us a lot. We earned our stripes in a very tough environment. When we process payments, our clients know that the transaction has been assessed inside and out – and evaluated as safe. In the rare case a fraud chargeback does occur, the merchant gets paid – by us. It’s 100% guaranteed payment processing at its best.

So why Simplex?

Simplex is currently the leading fraudless payment processing provider for the cryptocurrency world. We process payments at a rate of over $1 Billion per year, and have become the industry standard for credit card processing.
We block fraud, but we’re equally passionate about business growth. We want to increase conversion rates, so automatic blocking is not our thing. Our methods allow us to greatly reduce online uncertainty and allow more and more legitimate users to complete payments, with a minimal effect on customer experience.
We have merchants covered. We guarantee that no matter what happens, they will get paid. It will most likely be by their approved client – but if for some slim chance that doesn’t happen, then we’ll pay them instead.
As a financial institution, we adhere to comprehensive and uncompromising European regulation. We work with the leading global platforms and believe in transparency.

We have an extensive track record blocking fraudulent users with unprecedented success and we’re learning and developing additional technology and products every day.

Our success allows us to expand our services to additional verticals such as e-commerce, providing a comprehensive and robust solution to all merchants who wish to remove credit card fraud from their daily operation. Due to our “tough” Bitcoin upbringing, we’ll fight fraud with success wherever we operate – even in areas extremely high in fraud risk.

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