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ID Insight is on the front lines in the fight against identity fraud. Only ID Insight has a fraud intelligence platform combining patented analytics with massive consortium and identity datasets to stay ahead of emerging fraud schemes. Since 2003, thousands of banks and credit unions, as well as credit issuers, retailers, and healthcare companies have relied on ID Insight’s platform-based solutions to mitigate the damaging effects of account takeover and new-account fraud.

Fraud Solution Profile

The fraud landscape is always changing as criminals continue to find new ways to use stolen and fabricated personal data to perpetrate financial fraud. Emerging schemes like mobile wallet fraud, synthetic credentials, ecommerce and card-not-present fraud each rely on access point data – email, phone number or address – to be effective.

Traditional anti-fraud and compliance workflows – which tend to be manual and resource-intensive – cost financial institutions considerable time and effort, while failing to catch many instances of fraud. ID Insight solutions detect suspicious patterns of account profile activity and customer identity attributes so financial institutions can effectively isolate which cases require further scrutiny.

Our Solutions

Safe2Open – For New Account Fraud

If your institution doesn’t have rigorous, adaptive screening for new account fraud, you could be their next target. Platform-based Safe2Open puts you on the front lines in the fight against new account fraud. It provides the industry’s most effective, efficient defense against current as well as emerging identity-related fraud schemes.

Only Safe2Open has access to a fraud-intelligence platform that combines patented analytics, advanced machine learning, with consortium and predictive data networks to identify and stay ahead of new account/applicant fraud.

You’ll get accurate fraud scoring with industry-leading ID verification built right in. Platform-based Safe2Open uses public and proprietary data and patented analytics to provide a precise risk-based assessment when the question of identity must be answered. Beyond just positive verification, Safe2Open uncovers suspicious activity by connecting identity profile attributes including SSN, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and IP addresses.

Scrutinizing these additional identifiers are key to detecting the anomalies and out-of-pattern behaviors indicative of new account fraud. Insights such as: the email is disposable; the email could not be verified in association with the consumer’s name; or the IP address is an anonymous proxy enhance the predictive accuracy of the fraud models.

Avoid creating unnecessary friction or wasting preciously time manually investigating applications that were likely completed by honest customers. By focusing on accounts with the highest Safe2Open scores, investigators can improve their efficiency and effectiveness while preserving the institution’s reputation and customer relationships.

Safe2Change – For Account Takeover

Breached data gives fraudsters the ammunition they need to change customer contact information and disconnect customers from their financial institutions. If you’re not using rigorous, adaptive screening to assess the risk of all address, email, and phone-number changes, you could be allowing fraudsters to complete and capitalize on account takeover.

Account takeover schemes are continuously evolving. You must apply the same rigor when evaluating the legitimacy of email and phone-number changes as you do when verifying address changes.

The Safe2Change platform-based solution works behind the scenes using massive databases and patented context-aware scoring to automatically assess the riskiness of every profile change. It detects fraud rings and schemes by examining hundreds of identity and profile attributes, historic mobility patterns, geographic crime dynamics, and more.

Safe2Change is the industry leader in detecting fraud activity related to address, email, and phone-number changes. Its patented methods, powerful predictive models, and massive consortium and predictive data networks are unmatched. Since 2003, thousands of banks and credit unions, as well as credit issuers, retailers, and healthcare companies have used Safe2Change to mitigate the damaging effects of account takeover fraud.

Safe2Change detects out-of-pattern behavior and alerts investigators in less than a second. By taking action on high-risk changes quickly, investigators will interrupt more takeover attempts while preserving customer relationships and the institution’s reputation.

Safe2Change is compliant with section 114b of the FACT Act Red Flags Rule regarding address changes. In addition, the intuitive Safe2Change AMS (aka Case Management System) lets fraud investigators prioritize high-risk alerts, track cases to resolution, and mine their own data for suspicious patterns and fraud rings.

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