Global Data Consortium

HQ: Raleigh, NC, United States

Founded: 2010

Trust is the life-blood of every platform.  The Worldview platform by GDC (Global Data Consortium) powers global commerce for the world’s 7 billion digital consumers by creating trusted transactions through identity verification using the best local knowledge and data.

Fraud Solution Profile

Worldview is a globally scalable, value-driven and real-time digital verification platform.  We source and integrate any best in-country data providers.  GDC partner network is comprised o multiple partners and multiple data sources from credit, government and commercial among others.  Utilizing the consortium model, we are accessable to more and more markets.  Access the best global local identity information through a single endpoint that’s available on a SAS70 compliant infrastructure.   Available in three “flavors” API, Batch, MRT with the same powerful data and logic to fit your needs.  Simplicity is also at the core of the solution with multiple configuration options to meet your needs along with powerful and easy to understand codes and messages for easy decisioning.


Enterprise risk and logistics companies
Sharing economy companies
Financial Institutions


Information upon request

Ecommerce, Financial Services
Primary Functionality
Data Provider & Verification
Fraud Type
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