HQ: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Founded: 2012

ArkOwl provides the rich data needed to investigate email addresses. With real-time access to a large number of data sources, ArkOwl has global coverage and is able to give the real-time facts of the true owner behind a queried email address.

Fraud Solution Profile

When an order is received, there are two choices. You either accept it or reject it. Making a decision to accept a fraudulent order causes an economic loss. Making a decision to reject legitimate customer orders risks alienation, lost business, and damaged reputation. Having access to the right data is crucial when making these decisions.

Many analysts would agree that in most ecommerce Fraud cases, the email address is the primary piece of information to which the fraudster must remain directly linked. This is why ArkOwl chooses to focus on the authentication of an email address.

ArkOwl Set Apart from Competitors:

ArkOwl is set apart from other data providers by the type and quality of information that is provided for an email address. A top priority for ArkOwl is eliminating the terms false positives and false negatives from the Fraud prevention industry. To achieve this, ArkOwl focuses exclusively on real-time data from only trusted sources. The information that is passed along is not mere mathematical guesses or numerical implications from the results of shared third party databases containing potentially stale and outdated information. 100% of the data ArkOwl provides is current and accurate, directly from the source.


Features of an ArkOwl Email Address Query

  • Social media
  • Whois
  • Breached data
  • Email address creation date or email age
  • Query through batch or API



Top Tier Payment Processors
Large-mid-small Ecommerce Retail
Automated Fraud Platforms/Engines


Offers companies a REST API that can be directly integrated into any system
Accertify Intercepts

Primary Functionality
Data Provider & Verification
Fraud Type
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