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The growth of BNPL has the potential to completely restructure the ecommerce landscape as consumers look at more affordable ways to pay for goods. Worldpay’s 2021 Global Payments Report states that the BNPL market is to account for 13% of all global e-commerce payments by 2024. Despite this surge in demand, the risks for merchants surrounding BNPL are only being uncovered on a daily basis.



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A dispute is an action taken by a cardholder to challenge and contest a transaction appearing on the cardholder's statement. A "dispute" is an action taken by a cardholder, while a chargeback is a process resulting from a dispute. In contrast, a chargeback is a contest of a purchase product or service, when payment happens without cardholder consensus, usually in an E-commerce transaction, it could happen a payment reversal.


Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the activities financial institutions perform to achieve compliance with legal requirements to actively monitor for and report suspicious activities, when an institution is in compliance with rules and regulations, the flow of Financial System is more efficient and benefits all parties involved in the economy, including society.


challenges financial institutions face – conflicting transaction systems, fragmented detection solutions, and high operational costs. It’s no surprise that effective fraud detection can transform business performance for financial services organizations.


The risks of trading cryptocurrencies are mainly related to its high volatility. They are high-risk and speculative, and it is important that you understand the risks before you start trading. They are volatile: unexpected changes in market sentiment can lead to sharp and sudden moves in price, the investor has to be careful with projects related to cryptos, altcoins and game coins, each of them have different proposals and objectives, and the risk increased has a huge variation.


Identification is the ability to ensure a unique identity of a user of a system or an application that is running in the system. Authentication is the ability to prove that a user or application is genuinely who that person or what that application claims to be, those tools and procedures allow companies to offer experiences and security for users.


Identification is merely asking customers or users to present ID documents to prove who they are. In contrast, the verification process involves ensuring whether or not identity data is associated with a particular individual, for example, matching an individual's date of birth to an individual's name.


Fraud Insight for a Global Community

Fraud Insight for a Global Community

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10 Books About the Biggest Business Scams of Our Time

By Wanda Lafond | June 15, 2022

Business scams have been the subject of numerous books. People have always been interested in reading about not only the success of businesses but also how scammers deceive them. Reading books about scams is an excellent opportunity for a young business to learn the secrets of scammers and prevent the emergence of such an issue…

Fraud Prevention in the Customer Experience Era

By Nice Actimize | June 8, 2022

While FSO’s aspire to prevent fraud losses, focusing on the customer is also critical. Do retail and corporate banking customers expect to experience a certain level of friction to validate the trust that they’ve placed in the FSO? One argument suggests that if friction is user-friendly, and the customer is able to quickly transition beyond…

Fraud’s Dark Matter: The Universe of Scams Most of Us Never Know About

By PJ Rohall | June 1, 2022

Ana was emaciated when she arrived at the Brazilian embassy in Cairo. An amateur volleyball player once upon a time in Sao Paulo, Ana’s tall frame was bent from the hunger, fear and humiliation she had endured for weeks in a village outside of Beni Suef. Ana had come to Egypt for love – or,…

From Breach to Fraud: The Compromised Payment Card Lifecycle

By Sam Langrock | May 23, 2022

It’s happened to almost everyone. One day we check our bank statement or receive an alert and scratch our head thinking “Hmm, that’s odd. I don’t remember making that purchase.” Unfortunately, the truth is that we became a fraud victim long before that purchase was made, as our card was probably compromised days, weeks, or…

Digital Footprinting: An Effective Way to Stay a Step Ahead of Fraudsters

By Gergo Varga | May 11, 2022

Committing online fraud – or at least attempting it – is shockingly easy. Most tech-savvy people, if they were minded to, could learn the basics and take steps towards becoming a criminal mastermind.  All it takes is to install a Tor browser, head to the dark web, and purchase a dump of some compromised card…

Global Anti-Scam Alliance: Mission

By GASA | April 28, 2022

The number of online scams is booming. Consumers lost nearly USD 50 billion to scams in 2020. The number of scams reported to law enforcement grew by 90% to more than 266 million reports. As reported in ScamAdviser’s 3rd Global State of Scams Report, the number of reported scams increased from 139 million in 2019…

Gen Z’s Digital Native Status Offers Zero Shelter from Fraud

By Gergo Varga | April 21, 2022

And BNPL offers plenty of opportunities to criminals Generation Z – those fresh-face youngsters born between 1997 and 2012, currently aged between nine and 24 years old – are the world’s first fully digital native generation. They are immensely tech savvy, having grown up using devices for learning and playing since infancy.  But that doesn’t…

The Rise of Scam Culture: Should our Industry be doing More?

By PJ Rohall | April 13, 2022

“Hello?” a sweet-sounding female voice answers before the connection turns to static and the call drops. “I’m sorry,” a followup message reads. “My phone’s mic is broken. It’s better if we use WhatsApp.” In Ghana, victims of romance scams will be familiar with this kind of interaction. There is never a sweet-sounding woman on the…

5 Fraudsters Turned Good

By Gabriella | April 7, 2022

The fraud prevention industry has seen a wave of former fraudsters offer their skills and knowledge to the right side of the law, helping stop attacks they used to carry out. It’s a fascinating dynamic, so we decided to provide an overview of some high profile fraudsters turned good. Have a read and link out…

Investment, Acquisitions & IPOs – Q1 2022

By PJ Rohall | March 31, 2022

We are already through the 1st quarter of 2022, so it is time to report and let you know about the investment and acquisition developments within the fraud prevention space so far this year. Have a read of this article to learn more about the companies, funding raised and acquisitions. TeleSign TeleSign, a Leader in…