Year: 2019

Have We Found the Way to Gender Equality in Fraud?

By Emilie Grunzweig / Apr 4, 2019

Is gender important in getting a fraud prevention role? More importantly, is fraud prevention a women-friendly field? My hunch is that the answer is yes.…

The People's Champ: Fraud Fighting with Karisse Hendrick

By PJ Rohall / Mar 29, 2019

Karisse Hendrick is well known in fraud prevention circles. From “The Online FraudCast” to the CNP Expo to her personal consulting business, she has had…

CNP Manual Review: Solving the Paradox

By Ronen Shnidman / Mar 21, 2019

Manual review is the paradox in card-not-present (CNP) fraud prevention today. Many in the market are trumpeting the decreased need for manual review amid the…

Investigating Pink Collar Crime with Kelly Paxton

By PJ Rohall / Mar 14, 2019

For almost three decades, Kelly Paxton has made it her life’s work to fight fraud. As a certified fraud examiner (CFE), speaker, teacher and domain…

Female Fraudsters: Looking at Past, Present & Future

By Gilit Saporta / Mar 7, 2019

The number of female fraudsters has risen in recent years along with the boom in global e-commerce and new web-only financial services. While pop culture…

Machine Identity Replacing PII in Securing Transactions

By Ronen Shnidman / Feb 26, 2019

Several new and intriguing ways of authenticating identity from IoT and mobile devices were on display at the CyberTech TLV conference in Israel at the…

How KYC Differs from Customer Verification

By Guy Stiebel / Jan 31, 2019

The next time you visit your local bar, consider this: How do you differentiate between a barstool and a table? Both have four legs, flat…

Using 3-D Secure 2.0 to Help Comply with PDS2

By Jaime Howard / Jan 10, 2019

3-D Secure not only addresses some of the major problems with the original version, but it can also be used by merchants comply with the EU’s PSD2.

Addressing the 3 Shortcomings of AVS

By Mike Russell / Jan 3, 2019

Address verification services (AVS) have fallen behind modern fraudsters’ tactics. To compensate, incorporate other fraud prevention solutions like identify fraud risk management, a chargeback management service or a full-service cloud platform.