Month: January 2019

How KYC Differs from Customer Verification

By Guy Stiebel / Jan 31, 2019

The next time you visit your local bar, consider this: How do you differentiate between a barstool and a table? Both have four legs, flat…

Using 3-D Secure 2.0 to Help Comply with PDS2

By Jaime Howard / Jan 10, 2019

3-D Secure not only addresses some of the major problems with the original version, but it can also be used by merchants comply with the EU’s PSD2.

Addressing the 3 Shortcomings of AVS

By Mike Russell / Jan 3, 2019

Address verification services (AVS) have fallen behind modern fraudsters’ tactics. To compensate, incorporate other fraud prevention solutions like identify fraud risk management, a chargeback management service or a full-service cloud platform.