Whitepages Launches Advanced Manual Review Tool

Whitepages Pro launched its new manual review tool Whitepages Pro Insight this Tuesday to help business prevent and identify fraud among customer transactions. The new tool leverages machine learning to highlight likely cases of fraud based on the millions of transactions processed by Whitepages Pro’s network of clients.

“Our customers see up to a 40% decrease in chargeback rates and a 50% decrease in time spent per review with our solution,” Whitepages Pro director of product management, Ajay Andrews, said in a press release.

Whitepages Pro Insight users are presented with Identity Review, a comprehensive interface that verifies and cross-checks digital and traditional identity attributes, including name, email, phone, physical addresses and IP address to verify the identity behind a transaction (see image on the right). The solution interface presents an end-customer’s identity attributes in four different ways to facilitate quick analysis by fraud analysts: a confidence score, a list of positive and negative fraud signals, results columns and a distance map.

Whitepages Pro’s Senior Director of Marketing Beth Shulkin told about-fraud.dream.press that the launch of the manual review product stemmed from the business demands of some of the world’s largest corporations. It did not represent in her words a shift by the company away from the automated decisionmaking segment of the market still served by its application programming interface (API) solutions.

“Our vision is to become the international standard for identity verification across the five elements in our Identity Graph,” said Shulkin. “We always seek API integrations of our solutions as it provides scale and efficiency for our customers; however, we created Pro Insight to acknowledge and serve the thousands of manual reviewers at the world’s biggest corporations.”

While WhitePages Pro’s Insight solution is based primarily on personally identifiable information (PII), the company said that GDPR restrictions do not prevent end users from using it’s tool. “We only license EU data to our customers for fraud prevention, and the GDPR contains provisions that allow certain data to be used for that purpose,” Shulkin told about-fraud.dream.press.

Despite an ongoing trend of increasingly automated review of e-commerce transactions by large online merchants, Whitepages still views the manual review market as a massive opportunity in its own right. The company estimates that there are between 2 million and 3 million e-commerce companies around the globe that require fraud prevention solutions, with many of them conducting manual reviews. Whitepages Pro’s manual review tools are also used by insurance fraud investigators and debt collectors worldwide.

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Author: Ronen Shnidman

Ronen Shnidman is the Managing Editor of about-fraud.dream.press.